General Characteristics


Located at 15 km North West Sadra, Shiraz and 59 acres of land opposite the city garden was chosen perspective. Approximately 59 acres is set on capturing and fins - and approximately 14 acres of hills surrounding the laying discount were purchased about 30 acres on the hills above the set being transferred to a collection. With this increase, approximately 100 hectares of land, most of the collection will be. 

Stage I:

Project includes hemodialysis foundation of 5000 square meters and 80 beds - Skeleton Metal fourth floor with superb efforts of Mr. Haj Reza Ebrahimi and help other benefactors and board of trustees of the Center, was put into operation in 1386. these units with advanced medical equipment, health care, medicine, food and travel are the responsibility of the patient. 

Stage II:

The main hospital building, which was started 87 years after the excavation of 65,000 square meters and has around 300 beds hospital infrastructure - expandable to 500 - bed - and ED are as follows: 

-Video Medical Center - Radiology and fully equipped angiography - CT - MRI - Fluoroscopy - Ultrasound - Mammography - Gamma radiation - equipped laboratories - 10 operating rooms equipped with - a 64-bed medical-surgical intensive care and cardiology - local and general hospital wards with 60 beds - Organ transplant surgical hospital with 64 beds, special suites -18 - Division of labor of women and children, personnel and bed elevators -12 - heating and cooling systems - central air conditioning with special filters and anti-microbial - ventilator fan boilers and absorption to navigate the system. A near Polyclinic Hospital area of 17,000 square meters for the prevention and treatment have been predicted. 

Stage III:

It includes educational facilities - amenities include Abu Ali Sina University School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy - 1000 International Conference Center person - the patient's residence with 10 suites - 100 rooms for patients Location - Location Staff 90 units - 20 units and residents of the mosque and gym. recently "created Pyvndaza’ Research Medical Center has been verified. only cover medical and scientific - research Persian Gulf region, but the entire region is the center of the target. Meanwhile, "the central coordination and exchange of scientific information, scientific research centers in the world will all this end conference was held in Shiraz.

The main building consists of 4 blocks of 4 to 10 floors and a height of about 45 meters of a public hospital in the areas of technical, especially "Syndication research members research provides Special Services. Profile Architecture:

First floor: 8000 square meters, with an area of 1,000 square meters to provide spaces facilities, warehouses - and about 200 parking, central medical gas and oxygen generating machine 

Ground floor: 8000 sqm includes a complete set of medical imaging and radiation - Lab - News RSS - central kitchen, laundry and first floor with 76,000 square meters, including an urgent care center with laboratory and clinical analysis - administrative and library. Meanwhile, "The floor is the main entrance. 

Second floor with 6500 square meters hall In the second class, 200-seat conference - training and a plastic surgery ward. cafeteria and pavilion physicians in this class. 

Third floor: 5500 sqm including 1 and 2 specialty surgery, critical care and surgical 32 bed - with the possible construction of a runway platform for helicopters, especially 

Fourth, fifth and sixth floors: each 4,500 square feet of general surgery - Heart Care Heart Hospital -2 -32 organ transplant ward beds - 2 internal ward Public 

Seventh floor: 4100 square meters including VIP suites, 18 th Floor, 800 sqm, including ventilator rooms and elevator machine room, in other words - with 21,000 square blocks and three, each of the 9-storey building - a 10,000 square meter block 2 Infrastructure The 10th Floor - Block 4 in 4 floors with 6,500 square meters of the best available materials and heat insulation, light walls and observing all the rules and tips to save energy in buildings will be used. Hello and Associates Consulting Engineers, structural and architectural design and engineering consultation and guidance with experienced engineers, professors, doctors and Shiraz have done and now bastion of male engineers and executive Mshksar and technical team, with operations take Moghim of monitoring devices to. The sampling of concrete and steel and sand control, the entire operation is carried out in accordance with technical standards. Collection of Concrete structure with 65,000 square meters of infrastructure and delivery is made ??within 2 years. Walls, double glazing new design and verification engineering experts dedicated hospital specialists with experience in scientific prepared and running of the facilities channel Air tankers and hot and cold water and a fire extinguisher classes and started buying some items predict room and pre-purchase facility is up and running. combination of aluminum and glass facades and ... No person who has contributed material into Iran is at customs clearance.  splits water, electricity, gas and telephone follow-up Mvrdnyazdrkhvast and getting them done. According to the instructions of the board of trustees, especially Mr. King Hussein doctor, preparing green space since the early beginning until the present building began around 10,000 trees have been planted and increased green space in this area as much as 50% transfer will continue added is to reduce costs, to prepare and make the most Drkargah done with shopping facilities and all concrete panels for the roof and walls and steel frame walls, double glazed door and window coverings Metal - Concrete in the workshop conducted and sometimes is at hand additional measures to reduce costs, purchase of light and heavy machinery, the volume of excavation and embankment and landscaping the surrounding hills have been so far about 300,000 cubic meters of excavation and embankment, and clearing and forwarding is done.

Machines produced so far, Loader - Excavator - Lift Trucks - Tractors - Trucks - Ambulance - commuter car services - electric shearing machines - Mylgrdsaf Now - Sansvrkargahy original equipment manufacturing workshops, large two-storey workshop building silos -1200 square feet - new niches -600 sqm - Panlflzy and concrete dormitory building for production line workers and the kitchen and bathroom, and related services to 100 people making is serious. 

Summary of the steps equipment:

A: Diagnostic services, treatment and care 

  • First hemodialysis centers with 80 beds equipped with dialysis, at 5000 m. 
  • Build hospitals and medical Organ with 280 inpatient beds, emergency center, medical imaging with All imaging facilities to 55,000 sq. m. 
  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary Polyclinic Area 7000 Sq. 


B: Research centers, research and training 

  • Center, research laboratory constructed 10,000 square one. 
  • 3000 meter maintenance and testing on animals.
  • Established academic center capacity of 1400 students in a course of 40 thousand square meters of facilities, dormitories and homes professors - Total Surface Area 84 thousand square - 


C: Supporting centers

  • First established residence for relatives of patients free -10 units to 400 square meters
  • Building hotel 150 rooms and 9,000 square meters of accessories to accompany patients and Conference Center 
  • Construction of international conferences for the exchange of information, training and other gatherings of 50,000 sq m. 


D: Facilities 

Residential complex for employees Vrzydntha, kindergarten readiness, primary education, junior and senior high school. Enforcement actions: 

  • Land needed to establish design goals include: diagnostic services, treatment and care, research centers, research and training    centers, protection and welfare of about 100 hectares, is part of an area of 25 hectares, in coordination with the Ministry of Housing   and Urban Development has been entrusted by Sadra New Town Development Company.  
  • Firstly, building on Persian date 86 dialysis center opened and is currently operational.
  • In stage two and three, respectively Polyclinic main building and the running . 
  • In the fourth stage of laboratory research and in terms of the next steps necessary educational facilities, support services and facilities will be implemented.




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