Shiraz Transplant Research Center (STRC) began its activities in 2001 with the aim of research in different fields of transplantation, especially because:

  1. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is one of the active centers of transplantation in kidney.
  2. Liver transplantation is exclusively done in Shiraz.
  3. There is an active team of bone marrow transplantation in hematology department.
  4. Corneal transplant is done in ophthalmology department.


Objectives STRC was developed to carry out the following goals:

  1. Carry out research in different aspects of transplantation , to apply new tests for transplanted patients to create better life quality for them.
  2. Gathering and registering exact and detail information about all of our transplanted patients, to have complete data from these patients such as viral markers and so on.
  3. Training manpower for carrying out research and applying activities in the field of transplantation


Academic Staff Strength


Research Area


Academic Staff


MD Professor

S.Z. Tabei


MD , Associate Professor

S.A. Malekhosseini


MD , Associate Professor

B. Geramizadeh

Hematology Department

MD , Associate Professor

M. Zakerinia


MD Assistant Professor

H.R Jahadi Hosseini


PhD Assistant Professor

M. Varedi


MD , Assistant Professor


Medical Genetics

PhD , Student


Molecular Biology




PhD, Associate Professor



PhD , Assistant Professor



Current Research

Establishment of amniotic membrane tissue bank

Evaluation of amplified variable number of tandem repeats ( VNTR) in the detection of chimerism following bone marrow transplantation

Isolation , growth and function of neonatal and adult rat islet cells

Apoptosis and expression of Fas , Fas L , GMP 17 in cytotoxic T lymphocytes in renal transplant recipients and relation with acute rejection

Determination of humancytomegalovirus ( gN ) genotypes polymorphism in organ transplant patients

Construction of tissue-engineered heart valves

Autologous transplantation of tissue engineered urothelium into demucosalized ileal segments for experimental bladder wall reconstruction

Evaluation of the correlation between cystatin level & Cr,BUN & Apoptotic markers : GMP – 17 , fas , fas ligand , CD8+ T cells

Evaluation of the value of serum cystatin C as a surrogate marker for creatinine in liver & renal transplant patients

Effects of quercetin on the expression and adhesion of a2 B1 – integrin in kidney fibroblast from cyclosporine A-induced nephrotoxicity in rats

The effect of cytokine gene Polymorphism INFδ , TNFα , IL10 in acute rejection following renal transplantation

Therapeutic use of human adult bone marrow stem cell for neurigical disorders such as multiple sclerosis

Evaluation of effects of heparanase administration on skin autograft and allograft healin in rat

Comparison between IHC findings of HBSAg and HBCAg with grade and stage in HBV

Correlation of the hum oral immunologic factors with infectious complication after organ transplantation

Evaluation of the role of HBV virus genotype on inflammation , fibrosis and surface and core antigen level in liver biopsies of hepatitis B patients

Establishment of transplant sample bank

The effect of IL-10 promoter gene polymorphism with an occurrence of graft versus host disease in bone marrow transplant patients in Nemazi hospital

Isolation , characterization and deposition of human endothelial cells



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