Abu Ali Sina Medical Center and Organ Transplant

The increasing number of patients with failed organs like kidney, liver, heart, and pancreas requiring organ transplantation from deceased donors with healthy organs necessitate the establishment of an efficient organ transplant center that can handle this great number of patients.  And despite the great efforts of doctors and nurses at the Organ Transplantation Center at Namazi Hospital,  a large number of patients are still awaiting their turn to receive transplantation.

Aiming to solve this problem, with the grace of God, we have established Middle East's greatest, largest, and best equipped organ transplantation center "Abu Ali Sina Organ Transplantation Center", which is going to be not only a transplantation center, but a research, educational, and healthcare facility striving to excellence and advancement in medical science offering great benevolent assistance and excellent practices to patients with organ transplantation needs.

Teaching, research, charity, and organ transplantation activities at Abu Ali Sina Organ Transplant Center under the name of the distinguished physician Al-Sheikh Al-Rayess Avicenna are conducted through the collective efforts of the founders, benefactors, professionals, and individuals in the beautiful city of Sadra, Shiraz.

God willing, Abu Ali Sina will be the largest medical center in the Middle East for organ transplants.


Members of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Ansari Lari

Founder Hafiz University

Dr. Abbas Sheibani

Current President of the Board

Dr. Reza Malekzadeh

Digestive Disease Research Center Director

G. Tajgrdvn

Representative in Parliament

Mr. Abdul Mafyan

Management and Planning

Mr. Tajgrdvn

Deputy Planning Management

Mr. Hamid Reza Azari


Mr. Rafiee

Chairman of the Management and Planning Organization

Mr. Siavash Pour

Chief Justice Ahmad Faris

President Mohammad Reza Panja Shaheen

Doctor of medical sciences University

Dr. Sayyed Ziyaoddine Tabei

Functional Director of Pathology

Dr. Talei AR

Department of Surgery

Dr. Seyed Ali Malek Hosseini

Head Organ Transplant

Dr. Abdul Alborzi

Head of Microbiology Research

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Aymanyh

VP of Support

Dr. Mohammad Reza Fattahi

University Chancellor

Dr. Hassan Salahi

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Hassan Nykkho


Dr. Ali Bahadori

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Nader Mardani

Teaching Assistant

Dr. Mohammad Bagher Khosravi

Anesthesiologist Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Sayed Basir Hashemi

President Khalili Hospital

Dr. Sayed Saeed Mousavi

Assistant Students

Dr. Mehdi Salehi Pour

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Ahmad Kamkar Pour

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Abed Ilah Taghi Pour

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Ali Asghar Alavi

Chief Doctor of Dentistry

Dr. Mohamed Borzouei

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Rahim Javeed

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Bagheri

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Rameen Salouti

Specialist Eye Doctor

Dr. Ali Qadri

Director of Microbiology

Dr. Said Behzadi

Member of the Transplant Team

Dr. Mary Zakeri Nia

Head BMT

Dr. Mahosh Alizadeh

Member of the Transplant Team

Haj Agha Reza Ebrahimi

Founder of the Center for Organ Transplant Abo Ali Sina

Haj Agha Nader Maeini

CEO Pars Forum

Haj Agha Manoshahr Bagheri

CEO Pars Investment

Haj Agha Ghaedi


Haj Agha Mohammad Khatami Golriz

General Manager Veterans Foundation

Haj Ahmed and Mahmoud Asadi


Haj Ali Asad Poor


Mr. Hassan Sahraian


Mr. Munir Mortazavi

Registration and Documentation

Mr. Mohammad Javad Davoudi

Director of Engineering, University

Engineer Allama


Mr. Ali Mohammed Ibrahim

Executive Director of the Center

Engineer Nasser

Deputy Managing Director of Sadra

Mr. Aboul Hassan Hashemi


Mr. Hassan Ali Akbar Zadeh

Assistant - Renal Association

Mr. Mohammed M. Wise

Director of Pars Industry Leaders Association

Mr. Haj Hamid

Trading Compliance

Mr. Pejman Ziaeian

Emulation Institute

Haj Samad Nasir Abadi

Chief Financial Center





Members of the Board of Directors

Dr. Seyed Ali Malek Hosseini

Dr. Nader Mardani

Haj Nader Maeni

Haj Agha Reza Ebrahimi

Haj Mohammad Tawangar

Haj Manoshahr Bagheri

Haj Samad Nasir Abadi


Alternate members of the Board

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Aymanyh

Engineer Ali Mohamed Ibrahim


Alternate Inspector

Haj Hussein Ghaedi



Dr. Hishmat Ilah Salehi


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